Boys In A Hectic All Girls' School!

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Akemi Chika

Male Name: Jason Murray
Female Name: Jessica Moore
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Male
Background: Jason Murray, the middle child of five. Three sisters and a single brother. His brother, Jackson is the eldest, age twenty two. His older sister, Jillian is twenty. He has a twin sister, Julia, the most spoiled and the most 'attractive' one of the family. They didn't like one thing the other person loved. The twins have never been seperated, since the five minutes after Julia's birth. That is to discuss another time, like, after the sibling intoductions and some other things. So on with the youngest. Jennifer, age fifteen.

Jason was the good, cool guy of his school. Until, well... he dislocated some student's jaw for hitting on his younger sister. "Tch, Jennifer was only in eighth grade and the guy was in twelfth grade. That's messed up!" Is what he would always say about that issue. He lost his good guy title, but kept his 'King' title. That's when he got his 'Heartbreaker' title as well. Female students literally came crawling to him, but were all rejected, making him the 'Hearbreaker'. Julia and Jason... the closest pair of siblings you could ever meet. The two have never been in a single argument, and have never been seperated. His personal goal is to become a guitarist and a drummer.

Completely moving on now, how did Jason get caught up in the whole becoming a girl mess? Well, it started off with a dare that he must cross dress for the rest of his high school years. Soon, Julia was invited to Beachamp academy. The people who dared Jason to crossdress demanded that he went to Beachamp, and Jason accepted. The reason? His reasons were: One, he'd get to make sure Julia was alright. Two, he could have a nice change of scenery going on. Three, he could meet some attractive gir-- Erm...Sorry, he could meet some new people. Yeah... That's not happening.
Dorm: Rose Dorm Three
Personality: Jason te-- No, IS a ladies' man, and a heartbreaker. Walking down the halls with that cool look on his face, the girls literally throw themselves at him and then find themselves heartbroken. He is a troublemaker and nothing would stop him from playing his pranks. The young adult is extremely friendly and cheerful after meeting you and if you are on his white list. Do not get on his black list! Jason is quiet and has a tendency or observing everything someone does. If he doesn't like what they're doing, let's say... a preppy, snobby roomate? She better avoid doing something he doesn't like, for many reasons.  Jessica is everything but a ladies' man, how interesting will this be?
Likes: Listening to his music, his guitar, causing trouble, food, the evening, breaking the rules, food, peppermint, white chocolate, gaming, did I mention food?
Dislikes: Men trying to win over his sisters, pathetic/annoying/etc./etc. girls, preppy things, being tied down with drama, girls that are over two years younger than him, guys that are over three years younger than him.
Other: Ask Jason yourself.


Male Name:Keden Sagarai
Female Name:Kanami Saduku
Background:Keden was always a cool guy he enjoyed hanging out with his friends and chilling out and listening to music did i mention hes obsessed with music he cant go anywhere without it somehow he managed to listen to people as his headphones blast in his ears he also has a thing with flirting to even if the girl is single or not he finds a way to flirt Keden and his other friends had one day dared each other to go in the all girls academy as chicks ofcourse Keden was first to accept now he has to figure out how to overcome his Male ego in this girl paradise
Dorm: 1
Dislikes:Getting his music taken away,Quietness,Sitting around,Being told what to do
Other: N/A


Male Name: Randy Ellamore
Female Name: Raina Ellinore
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Background: Randy is the eldest of two other children whom he is very close to. His mother and father had disappeared after the two younger ones were born claiming to go on some big adventure. Meanwhile, the three were taken in by thier aunt whom they never met. The women is crazy... but in a fun way. Always playing tricks on the three. Although being raised as he was by the old lady he never really liked other men because his other siblings are girls. He actually wished other guys would just die. For this reason Randy became really attached to lots of girls and put in a 'friend zone' with all of them. He didn't mind though! He kinda got over protective of the girls whom he always hung out with and was known to be basically the girl's guardian at his old school. Sadly, he left because of all the guys whom tried to use him to get close to the girls.
 Dorm: 2
Personality: Strong-willed and brave. Doesn't like to give up or in easily. He believes in making himself happy with the others around him and always trys to take care of them first. He is very caring and kind always likes to talk with the others. Although he trys to hide his naughty humor with his charm.
 Likes:cute fluffy things,girls,fun stuff
 Dislikes: men! anything with men!
Other:nothing else except one things he has a really bad case of sleep walking and wonders


Username: XShadow!
Male Name: Mamoru Takahashi
Female Name: Akira Miyazaki
Age: 16
Gender: Male~
Background: Background: Mamoru lived with his mother and step-father, living a life like any kid, until his mother was diagnosed with a cancer, which she got sick from. As a child, Mamoru would try to help out in any way possible. Of course, the most he could do was help with breakfast and carry it to her. When his mother was near dying, she gave him her grandmother's locket, asking him to keep it safe minutes before she had passed away. Ever since his mother's death, he had become a more quiet, almost secretive sort of person. Mamoru had moved in with his grandfather for two months, like he always did every summer. He began to almost bore everyone, not talking or doing anything like he used to.
When Mamoru was 13, his step-father decided to move somewhere else, hoping moving would make him happy, since Mamoru always was excited to move. It never really worked as well, but he was still somewhat happy.
At first, his father had enrolled him into a regular school, where Mamoru used to attend, until recently. When his dad found out, he just laughed, and hoped a girlfriend would make him happy.
Dorm: Dorm 4 :D
Personality: Mamoru is quite shy toward new people, but after a few minutes or so, he can get used to the person. He can be sort of weird, and agressive when you get on his nerves. One thing, though... when he threatens to bite, he doesn't really. When Mamoru is scared or nervous, he tends to stutter a bit, and maybe shake a little. When he's tired, he completely forgets everything and just starts daydreaming.
Likes: Mamoru likes sweets and candy, especially pocky and ribbon candy. He loves every kind of cat, and almost every genre of music, except blues [LOLOLOL]. The one thing that makes him go crazy is manga~ :3
Dislikes: He cannot stand a messy room, or when people leave things wherever they please. Mamoru dislikes spicy foods, blues, loud people, and scary movies/books. He also hates dogs.
Other: Mamoru usually carries around a locket his mother gave to him when he was six before she passed away. Anyone who tries to take it... you never know what he might do. LOL He might just bite for real~


Male Name: Desmond Kehi (If you are unsure of how to pronounce anything, just ask)
Female Name: Desirae Kehi
Age: 17
Background: Desmond's parents are his foster parents after his unfortunate early life. His parents left to go boating, their first time away from their 5-year-old boy to enjoy themselves while he stayed with his grandmother. It was only supposed to be for a couple days, but they never same back.
The doctors said that they virtually felt nothing, when on a foggy day a freighter fast-bound in their direction, failed to notice their little sail-boat.
Desmond was not well liked among his relatively, and throughout his elementary and middle school life, and had been passed for relative to relative.
At first they were always nice, but in the end- no matter how good Desmond felt he acted, they some how ended up giving him up.
When he was in his 8th grade year, Desmond met Haruka and Takeo Kuroko, a kind couple who invited him to come live with them.
It seemed that they had searched for a son, for a very long time, with Haruka unable to conceive. So Desmond moved from America, as an exchanged student to Japan. Ever since then he's enjoyed his life with the Kuroko's. He is a model student with high grades so that his foster parents can at least be proud.
He has a hard time getting along with others because of the fact that he moved around too much for him to be able to make any friends. Desmond aspires to become a doctor and the only way that he'd be able to it to take the high standard classes available at Beachamp.
One day, when talking with some of his newer friends at his school he played a game of cards against him. Unfortunately for Desmond, who didn't really know how to play, he lost and was forced to be dared into infiltrating the strict all-girls school as a female, himself.
So now here he is, feeling ridiculously stupid and embarrassed. How long will he be able to keep this facade up!?
Dorm: 5
Personality: Desmond is kind, cunning and quick- but that it only on the outside. On the inside, old feelings stir up irritated thoughts which make time seem to slow for him. His dark nature, buried by all the fake which he's had to become in order to get by had made him become warped past his conscious. He's polite indefinitely, competitive. He would not ever turn down a competition. He usually puts the best interests of others before his own, but that does not mean he willingly lets people walk all over on him. He can get angry, and though it's not often things could get messy.
Likes:Running, playing basketball, snowboarding, cats, bentos and onigiri
Dislikes: His memories, which have been pushed to the back of his mind.
Other:Desmond, has won several snowboarding competitions and is sponsored by the Burton industries. He participates in any run which he can find, though ever since he moved to Japan it's been on the decline.